Our Vision

To become a leading karate organisation that is distinguished and respected for the effective and efficient management of its affairs in a transparent and lawful manner.

Our Mission

To dedicate ourselves to provide the highest quality training, based on fundamentals of the traditional masters, so that all our members may reach their full potential in practicing karate.

Our Affiliation

We are affiliated to the World Union of Karate-do Organizations (WUKF) and form part of the WUKF SA federations.

Our Team Standards

These standards shows what behaviour we value and strive towards. It also shows what behaviour we will not tolerate and the consequences for transgressions. Follow this link to view the SZA Team Standards.

Pre-amble of the Constitution of Shotokan-ZA

the members of this Organisation

*          are united in the common understanding that— the true purpose of Karate is not the winning of fights or tournaments.  The true purpose of Karate is to perceive the truth of life through daily training, and to gain self-confidence and self-reliance (Masatoshi Nakayama Sensei, 1913 to 1987); and

*          commit themselves to practising karate according to the five basic principles of Shotokan, namely that of Character; Sincerity; Effort; Etiquette and Self-control;

AND BEARING IN MIND THAT this Organisation

*          firmly believes that the affairs of any karate organisation should be conducted in a transparent, democratic and lawful manner based, among others, upon the principles of equal opportunity, non-racialism and non-sexism; and

*          understands that a karate organisation cannot operate in isolation from other similar organisations, because to do so is not conducive to strengthening the sport in the Republic of South Africa;

AND THEREFORE this Organisation

*          will diligently invest time and effort in the training of its members, presenting the necessary opportunities for each individual member to fulfil his or her own potential to the fullest extent in his or her participation in Karate.

Follow this link to view our Constitution, signed February, 2016.

Clean Sport

WUKF (World United Karate-Do Federation) ascribes to “Clean Sport” and as an affiliated WUKF Federation, Shotokan-ZA, supports “Clean Sport” and ascribes to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) Code and also to drug free sport in South Africa, as driven by the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport.