WUKF SA Nationals, 31 Mar – 02 Apr 2023

Yet again our Team had great success at the 2023 WUKF SA National and Africa Open Championships!

We are extremely proud of our 58 competitors who gave us 100% everyday and who were fantastic ambassadors for our organisation at the Championships!

The team brought home 65 inidvidual medals and 6 team medals!

The team was accompanied by the following Referees, Judges and Table Officials: Elmarie van Zyl, Petra Smit, De Wet Saaiman, Kay Prinsloo, Debbie Schoombee, Louise SchΓΆnborn, Drienie Swart and Anneri Saaiman.

A huge thank you to our amazing coaches, Mari du Preez, Morrie Swart, Eurika van der Watt, SharlΓ© Vermaak, Robyn Petersen, Nico jacobs, George Modikwe and Stefan SchΓΆnborn; our team managers, the supporters, parents and sponsors who contributed to the success of the tour.


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The Results are as follows:


πŸ₯‡Joahin Hendricks (Kata) Mossel Bay

πŸ₯‡Ketara Pillay (Nihon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Joshua Mynhardt (Kata), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Olivia Mcneill (Nihon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Jordan Trow (Kata), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Jordan Trow (Combat), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Olerato Maleho (Sanbon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Viksha Mistri (Sanbon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Matthew Koeberg (Ippon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‡Rudolf Botha (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯‡Keenan Rothe (Nihon Kumite), Rayton

πŸ₯‡Derick Botes (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯‡Michelle Botes  (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯‡Michelle Botes  (Combat), Rayton

πŸ₯‡Zahra Klasen  (Kata), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‡Morgan Briggs (Nihon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‡Morgan Briggs (Ippon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‡Petra Smit  (Kata), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‡Orion Poulter (Nihon Kumite), Samurai

πŸ₯‡Chante Grobler (Sanbon Kumite), Samurai

πŸ₯‡Lisel Steyn (Kata), Samurai

πŸ₯‡Siyabonga Mabelane (Sanbon Kumite), Gee Karate


πŸ₯ˆMarjoelein Lewis (Kata), Kyalami

πŸ₯ˆEthan de Bruin (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆEthan de Bruin (Nihon Kumite), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆEthan de Bruin (Long Weapons), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆRudolf Botha (Nihon Kumite), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆHenco du Preez (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆHenco du Preez (Combat), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆKeenan Rothe (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆAmelia Piper (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆAmelia Piper (Sanbon Kumite), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆNico Jacobs (Short Weapons), Rayton

πŸ₯ˆZahra Klasen  (Nihon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯ˆReuven Aucamp (Kata), Samurai

πŸ₯ˆNianza Tshabalala (Kata), Samurai

πŸ₯ˆSiyabonga Mabelane (Kata), Gee Karate


πŸ₯‰Ketara Pillay (Kata), Kyalami

πŸ₯‰Sizwe Moyo (Ippon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‰Viksha Mistri (Ippon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‰Matthew Koeberg (Sanbon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‰Ashmiti Moodley (Sanbon Kumite), Kyalami

πŸ₯‰Kyle Allchurch (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯‰Maree Duvenhage (Nihon Kumite), Rayton

πŸ₯‰Derick Botes (Sanbon Kumite), Rayton

πŸ₯‰Tyler Michau (Long Weapons), Rayton

πŸ₯‰Amelia Piper (Long Weapons), Rayton

πŸ₯‰Amelia Piper (Short Weapons), Rayton

πŸ₯‰Nico Jacobs (Kata), Rayton

πŸ₯‰Blake Cronje (Nihon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Kamve’Lihle Twala (Kata), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Cebisa Twala (Kata), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Cebisa Twala (Nihon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Nuha Minty (Ippon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Raylene-Grace McKinley (Sanbon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Katlego Thebyane (Kata), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Johan Van Zijl (Kata), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Johan Van Zijl (Sanbon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Eurika van der Watt (Sanbon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Eurika van der Watt (Ippon Kumite), Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Orion Poulter (Kata), Samurai

πŸ₯‰Henri Saaiman (Nihon Kumite), Samurai

πŸ₯‰Jason Davies (Combat), Samurai

πŸ₯‰Reuven Aucamp (Combat), Samurai

πŸ₯‰Lezario Louw (Kata), Germiston



πŸ₯ˆTeam Kata : Matthew Koeberg, Thea Gouden, Viksha Mistri), Kyalami

πŸ₯ˆRotational Team Nihon: Keenan Rothe, Rudolf Botha, Maree Duvenhage), Rayton


πŸ₯‰Team Kata : Rachael Jacobs, Ketara Pillay, Joshua Mynhardt), Kyalami

πŸ₯‰Team Kata : Aiden Fleuriot, Sizwe Moyo, Kritvi Mistri), Kyalami

πŸ₯‰Rotational Team Sanbon: Olerato Maleho, Morgan Briggs, Nuha Minty), Kyalami & Roodekrans

πŸ₯‰Rotational Team Sanbon: Thea Gouden, Viksha Mistri, Kritvi Mistri), Kyalami