100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge 2019

The 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge is an international martial arts event. This year will be the 6th annual worldwide 100 Karate Kata event and Shotokan-ZA would like to join Okinawa and other dojos worldwide in participating in this.

The event consists of performing one kata a 100 times. Participants can choose to perform Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan or Heian Sandan. If you are from a style other than Shotokan, you can perform a kata of your choice.

Participation is open to all ages and levels. Even if you are not sure you can complete 100 repetitions, we warmly encourage you to take on the challenge and do your best. The only way you can fail, is by not taking part!

This year the 100 Kata Day will take place on 26 October 2019 and we have the honour of again, holding at the Nan Hua Temple (27 Nan Hua Road, Cultura Park) in Bronkhorstspruit. We will begin strictly at 10h00 and aim to finish all 100 kata by 13h00.

The participation cost is R150 per person, which includes a T- Shirt, a dog tag and a donation to the venue.

Please complete this form if your are interested in taking part in this event: 100 Kata Day Registration Inquiry

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL and registration closes on 30 Sep 2019!

DRESS: Karate Gi pants, belt, your official T-Shirt, tekkies and cap/hat. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

FOOD: Water and cold drinks can be bought from the on-site tuck-shop. You can bring your own water/energy drinks.

– No food, alcohol, cigarettes or pets are to be brought into the Temple grounds and complex.
– Please be respectful of the Complex and surrounding buildings and wear appropriate clothing on the day.
– Photos may be taken outside on the grounds, but NO photos can be taken inside any of the temple buildings.