SZA Team Standards

During our first Bush Gasshuku in Sep 2019, the members of SZA sat down and drafted our Team Standards. These standards shows what behaviour we value and strive towards. It also shows what behaviour we will not tolerate and the consequences for transgressions. 

As a Shotokan-ZA Team, we value:

  • Etiquette, because it shows that we respect one another, have discipline and are proud of our image as a team.
  • Manners, in and out of the dojo, as it show our character!
  • Being humble, sincere and always willing to learn.
  • Being proud ambassadors of our team and our country!
  • Believing and supporting one another, standing up for a team mate and working as one.
  • Learning from and about each other and sharing skills to help each other grow.
  • Focussing on our goals and give 100% when in class, because that is how we achieve our goals.
  • Respecting one another, as it shows we are paying attention to each other and it makes us stronger as a team.
  • A “never give up” attitude and giving 100% during training, because winners never quit!
  • Respecting each other’s privacy and space, to build good relationships.
  • Making friends and learning from each other.
  • Building each other’s confidence and helping each other get stronger.
  • Having fun when we train, because it helps us push harder.
  • Being all inclusive and never leaving a team member out or behind.
  • Being encouraging and uplifting to build camaraderie and team spirit.
  • Respecting our elders and seniors and paying attention to what we can learn from them.
  • Commitment and being punctual, because it shows that we are grateful for each opportunity to train.
  • Everyone’s is entitled to an opinion and will be allowed to express it, as it might help us overcome an obstacle.
  • Respecting our Sensei’s, because they want to teach us, see us grow and get better.
  • Positive correction, assistance and instruction to improve our skills, knowledge and techniques.
  • Know that we all make mistakes and we can all learn from our mistakes.
  • Talking to each other when we have disagreements to try and resolve it. If team members are not able to resolves matters, a senior should be asked to assist.

Our Team will not tolerate:

  • Cursing or the use of foul language.
  • Losing your temper on or off the tatami.
  • Excluding team members or make them feel unworthy.
  • Disrespecting, rude, humiliating, judgmental or belittling behaviour towards another person.
  • Being lazy or talk back during training.
  • Team members “pulling rank” or thinking that they are better than anyone else.
  • Gossiping and spreading rumors.
  • Bullying of ANY kind!
  • Taking advantage of anyone or not allowing them to share their point of view.
  • Demotivating and demoralizing criticism.

Based on the type and severity of the transgression, we agree that the consequences for above-mentioned behaviour can include:

  • Agreed upon sanctions or punishment for small transgressions.
  • Not being allowed to participate at squad/team trials for a period, certain competitions or social events such as Gasshukus.
  • Disqualification at a competition.
  • Partial or full membership suspension for a period of time.