11th WUKF Karate World Championships, Scotland 2023

The 10 member Shotokan-ZA National Karate Team competed at the 2023 WUKF World Karate Championships in Scotland from 13-16 July 2023, accompanied by Shotokan-ZA coaches, Mari du Preez and Morrie Swart.

“The WUKF Karate World Championship is the biggest karate tournament of its kind, as over 1500 competitors participated this year,” explained Sensei Mari du Preez, Shotokan-ZA National Coach, WUKF Athletes & Coaches Commission Member.

The national team was selected in October 2022 and has been preparing for the championships since then. Despite being an inexperienced international team, they managed to excel on the international stage!

Jordan Trow (11), won gold in Kata and bronze in Combat, and we are extremely proud of his dedication, hard work and stellar performance at the World Championships!

Of the remaining team members, 5 placed top ten, which attest to their commitment to their preparation and skill level. Christos Prokas (12) placed 4th in Kata,  Beau Kruger (13) placed 5th in Kumite, Schuyler Booysen (16) placed 6th in Kumite, Zahra Klassen (12) and Petra Smit (60) both placed 10th in Kata.

The 2 officials, Senseis Elmarie van Zyl and Petra Smit, who accompanied the team, received their international WUKF judging qualifications. Sensei Elmarie van Zyl, Shotokan-ZA Federation Head, received her international Referee B qualification, which makes her the 2nd highest WUKF qualified official in South Africa!


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