100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge 2018

This was our 2nd year hosting the 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge, an international martial arts event, led from Okinawa, the home of kobudo and karate.

This year were fortunate enough to be able to do our 100 kata challenge at the Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit! What a beautiful venue! It made the day very special! A big thank you to all the karatekas and parents who came out to join in!

We had 182 karatekas (14 dojos representing 6 organisations) and parents participating! AGAIN, we are very proud of the all the kids (especially the tiny 4 and 5 year olds) and the parents who stuck out all 100 kata!!! The youngest karateka who participated was 4 years old and the oldest karateka who participated was 80 years!

This year we had two groups, one group doing Heian Shodan and the other group doing Heian Nidan. We managed to complete 100 kata in 1 hour and 20 minutes!

See you next year!!!

Follow this link to view all the photos of the 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge, 20 Oct 2018.